Brief Introduction of State Oceanic Administration , the People's Republic of China


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Ocean Policy , Laws and Regulations

To draft laws and regulations, as well as rules on sea use, marine eco-environment protection, ocean survey and scientific research, protection of island of inland sea, territorial sea, contiguous zone, exclusive economic zone, continental shelves and other sea areas; in collaboration with other relevant government agencies, to coordinate the formulation of marine development strategy and national plans for ocean development programme, major marine functional zoning scheme, marine eco-environment protection, marine economic development, island protection and the development and utilization of non-inhabitant islands as well as the supervision of the imlementation; to further promote and develop the integrated planning and coordinating mechanism .

To undertake the routine work of National Ocean Committee, to carry out other relevant work required by the State Council, National Ocean Committee and the Ministry of Land and Resources.


Members of the National People's Congress are voting for the draft amendments to "the Marine Environment Protection Law"


Marine Integrated Management

To formulate and supervise the implementation of marine functional zoning scheme, to draft and supervise the implementation of sea area use and management scheme, to conduct coast line and sea area boundary delimitation at provincial level, to draft and supervise the implementation of regulation on the construction of artificial islands, installation and structure in the exclusive economic zone and on the continental shelf.



Ocean Economic Development

To conduct the comprehensive monitoring of operation of marine economy, statistics accounting, assessment and information dissemination, to provide the policy recommendation with regard to the optimization of marine industry structure.


Xiamen Port


Marine Environmental Protection

To conduct marine eco-environment protection, to draft and supervise the implementation of the standards and norms for marine eco-environment protection and the regime total-quantity-control of pollutant discharge into the seas, to formulate and supervise the implementation of criteria for marine environment monitoring and evaluation, to publish marine environment information; to take charge of compensation claim for marine eco-environment damages, to conduct work related to climate change in terms of adaption and mitigation.



Protection and Management of Sea Islands

To draft and supervise the implementation of regulation on island protection and non-inhabitant islands development and utilization, to be responsible for the management of names of the sea area, non-inhabitant islands, undersea feature beyond the scope of coast zone of China, to formulate and supervise the implementation of regulation on islands protection with specific use for baseline point of the territorial sea.


A Symposium on the Implementation of "The Islands Protection Law of the People's Republic of China" is on in the Great Hall of the People on February 23, 2010


Marine Public Services

To draft and supervise the implementation of regulations on ocean observation and forecasting, marine hazards warning, to develop ocean observation network programme, to issue ocean forecasting, marine hazards warning and ocean bulletin; to construct ocean environment security system; to participate in major marine disaster emergency response and its handling.


National ocean observation system


Marine Science and Technology Development

To draft and implement marine science and technology development plan, to draft standards, metrology and norms for marine technology, to conduct ocean survey, to establish mechanism for furthering marine scientific and technological innovation.


A CTD is being deployed for data collection


Ocean International Cooperation

To conduct international cooperation and exchange, to participate in ocean-related international consultation and negotiation, to organize the implementation of international ocean-related conventions and treaties like the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, the Treaty on Antarctic and so on, and take charge of international negotiation related to China in the fields of polar regions, high sea and international seabed area.

To be responsible for organizing the conduct of cooperation between China and international and regional ocean-related organizations and agencies like the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO. Taking charge of organizing the conduct of marine bilateral cooperation in a form of signing MOU or Cooperative Agreements of bilateral cooperation with other coastal countries in the world and push in a great effort the cooperation with the relevant the coastal countries in field of response and adaptation to climate change, marine disaster prevention and mitigation as well as the development of blue economy.


Signing Cooperative Agreement with Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Republic of Korea


Polar Scientific Expedition

To undertake the responsibility of organizing the conduct of China's polar scientific research and the management of affairs relevant to polar area. In charge of organizing the drafting of the development strategy, principles, policy for China's national polar program and the working plan; organizing to draft the national legislation in polar field and the relevant national standards and specifications, and manage the affairs relevant to polar area; organizing, coordinating, guiding and supervising China's national polar program, organizing scientific research; organizing and coordinating the organization work of Chinese polar expeditions and the management of overseas offices; The State Oceanic Administration is the competent agency in China under the Antarctic Treaty and responsible for organizing and coordinating the international affairs in polar field and attending the work of relevant international organizations.


Taishan Station


Ocean Resource Exploration

To be responsible for organizing and formulating the strategy and programs of China relating to the exploration and exploitation of marine mineral resources as well as their implementation. To be responsible for organizing the research and development of high-tech and equipment as well as the conduct of scientific research and environment protection of the deep sea.

The State Oceanic Administration is the national competent agency in China for the International Sea-Bed Authority, and responsible for the organization and coordination of the international affairs relevant to the International Sea-Bed area as well as the activities of relevant international organizations.


The Jiaolong manned submersible


Ocean Administrative Law Enforcement

To be responsible for the drafting and formulation of the regime and measures on safeguarding maritime rights and interests, to develop norms and procedures for law enforcement; to conduct maritime law enforcement in the sea areas under China's jurisdiction; to carry out maritime boundary patrol, to prevent and crack down on criminal activities such as smuggling, illegal immigration, and drug trafficking, to safeguard national maritime safety and security, and the maintaining of public order; to guard against the security of the important targets at the sea, to cope with the occurrence of maritime emergencies; to conduct fishery law enforcement and inspection in the area outward of the prohibited fishing zone for motor trawlers, and specifically-designated fishing grounds, and to investigate and handle with disbutes over the fishing activities; to conduct law enforcement and inspection on sea area use and management, island protection, development and utilization of non-inhabitant islands, ocean mineral resource exploration and exploitation, sea bed cable and pipeline laying, ocean survey, and to make inspection on foreign related marine scientific research activities; to guide and coordinate with local government on maritime law enforcement activities; to participate in maritime search and rescue and emergency response, to lead or participate in the investigation and prosecution on fishing production accidents in terms of safety in accordance with laws, and to conduct investigation and prosecution on marine environment pollution accident in line with the authority entrusted by laws and regulations.


China Coast Guard Ships and airplanes in cruising







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